Office Project

This was the second project for my Higher Diploma in Interior Design. The brief called for the use of concrete in it’s design and the grid like division of the space reminded me of the work of Mondrian and the modernists. As De Stijl felt like an over production, a nonfunctional interpretation of the humble grid, I was drawn to Brutalism. By its very design it showcases raw materials and building structure, there is an emphasis on strong geometric shapes and a monochrome pallet. It is incredibly honest in its expression and splits opinion between those who are drawn to its institutional look and those who are repelled by the lack of decorative features.

I was highly inspired by trips to The Barbican and The National Theatre in London which both achieve spaces which are warm, intimate and inviting while fully expressing their raw materials and structure.

Art throughout the spaces is entirely by Irish based contemporary artists and uses colour and geometry to evoke a sense of movement and positivity. Thank you to Sophia Vigne Welsh, Koof and Without Matter for allowing me to use their pieces in this design. Apologies to Maser for not asking but you will find it is actually a flowstate yoga mat on the wall of the boardroom render as it was the correct dimensions.

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