Savage x Fenty Retail Design

This was the first project for my Higher National Diploma in Interior Design. I chose Savage x Fenty as I had been so inspired and impressed by the sets of both New York Fashion weeks shows they have done. The theme came from looking at the incredible diversity in both the Savage x Fenty but also Fenty Beauty products and realising it was more than just inclusion and body acceptance, it was body worship. I drew the shapes and style of the space from the architecture of cathedrals and temples while simplifying and modernizing it. The human body dictated the heights of the opes for display and the material template was drawn directly from the Fenty Beauty foundation shades.

The logo presented a fantastic opportunity to use as a design motif. By rotating and repeating it as well and playing with the scale it became a feature light, a custom door handle and a filigree for paneling.

While noted as particularly risque I chose to feature models from the fashion shows as the mannequins as I felt it put the product front and centre as well as featured the diversity of the brand which was not possible to replicated with generic 3D models.

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