The Cat’s Mother


The Cat’s Mother by Erica Murray was written as part of the Soho Theatre’s Young Writers Lab and longlisted for the Verity Bargate Award. It follows two sisters – Sinead and Ciara from County Clare – as they struggle to decide what to do about their mother’s debilitating, undignified dementia.

The set had to allow scenes in Ciara’s personality-less flat to change immediately to exterior scenes, a pret a manger, a spiritual healer’s room, among others. LED lights surrounding the cream carpeted floor enhancing the claustrophobia of being caught in a situation that there seems no escape from without drastic action, the imposing leaning walls, abstracted from the dimensions of a cat cage with the small door giving the impression we are watching humans as animals, the pink a nod to the feminine nature of the content and characters.

The Cat’s Mother was part of The Vaults Festival in Waterloo, London.

Produced by Wildcard Theatre

Director: Jackie Fisher

Costume Design: Hannah Hodge

Photography Ciara Murnane

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